Frequently Anticipated Questions

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Here you will [hopefully] find answers to a few of your questions!

Where are the CVRSA team standings? 

By policy, CVRSA game scores are not reported and standings are not kept.

"Not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that can be counted counts."  - Albert Einstein

How can I view weather related field closures? 

The CVRSA uses a scheduling solution that allows field statuses to be displayed on this site (there is also a mobile friendly version!). Individual organization are to report weather related closures by 7:00 AM on Saturdays, and the site will be updated accordingly. Note that the CVRSA does not control whether the field is open or closed. This is a decision that is made by the individual member organization.

There is also a feature that provides text messages for field alerts (data rates may apply). Simply navigate to the field location and click "Signup for closure text notifications".  Please note that the CVRSA does not have access to subscribed cell phone numbers (neither can we provide support).

How can I tell if a game has been rescheduled? 

CVRSA games that have been rescheduled will have an indicator next to the game number for games that have been rescheduled. A red indicator means that the game has been rescheduled in last seven days, and a yellow indicator means that the game has been rescheduled more than seven days ago. As well, when games are rescheduled, automated email messages are sent to applicable field contacts, referee assignors, team coaches (if known to the system) and others with a summary of the changes.

It is very important that all coaches and parents avoid using schedule printouts wherever possible. Game schedules can and do change, and printed schedules may not have the correct information.

How can I get driving directions to a field? 

Every scheduled game has a field location listed at the far right. That location is linked to a page that has the street address, textual directions, field closure hotline (if available) and a link to Google® maps. There are also links to display the current weather at this location and to sign up for text notifications about field closures.

Incorrect directions should be brought to the attention of the CVRSA representative listed on the club page of the home organization. 

How do I see a full CVRSA timelilne? 

CVRSA timelines are published a couple of months before each season. These timelines contain important CVRSA deadlines and other league-wide events. A subset of the near term dates and a full calendar are shown on the home page. As well, a downloadable version can be found under the Documentation menu item.

How come all age groups do not have referees?

Referees are optional (but suggested) at the U10 division. Above U10, referees are mandaroty, but some of our organizations prefer to assign their own referees instead of using the league's referee assigning organization, the Blue Ridge Soccer Officals.

What is the purpose of the "build out line" in U10?

Here are some links that you may find helpful, but the purpose of the builldout line is to teach more of a "possession" style game instead of just "clearing" the ball every time the defense wins possession.